Jack Balch's Original Paintings

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Jack Balch, my father, was a drama critic for the St. Louis Post Dispatch before coming to New York to direct at WPIX in the early days of television. He served as editor-in-chief of Theater Magazine and was theater critic for Theater Arts Magazine. His critically-acclaimed book, Lamps at High Noon, is the only novel to deal with the strike at the Federal Writers' Project in 1936 where my father was employed. Lamps at High Noon has been reprinted by the University of Illinois Press.

Jack Balch began painting in 1960 and continued for the rest of his life. Photos of his work, displayed on this website, are mostly done in oil, ink, and acrylic. They represent about one-fifth of his total production.

If you have further interest, please contact me at balchpaintings@gmail.com.